Chris Bivins & Shelle Lindholm


For the March show, both artists bring an array of new works to the gallery. Chris Bivins will impress viewers with an intriguing collection of mixed media pieces, including vintage guitars, clay masks, and mixed media collages.  Each piece draws on a diverse range of inspirations, including ancient cultures, lowbrow art, and tattoo design. Leather, copper, typewriter keys, dice, and other found objects embellish Bivins’ work, adding interest and variety.  The artist believes his short attention span lends itself to mixed media that combines the old with the new.

Shelle Lindholm's twenty-plus pieces showcase dancing bears, mingling deer, watchful birds, and other playful compositions inspired by the critters that meander and frolic outside the artist's studio at The Nuthin' Fancy Ranch located eight miles from town.  Lindholm fashions and cuts simple paper templates of the animals and assembles them to find a fresh and lively presence.  With layers of wax and acrylic paint that influence color and create organic texture, she brings her subjects to life.


 About the Artists

Chris Bivins has been making art since his brother first taught him how to draw with "smelly Magic Markers" in their basement in Alaska.  When not making art, Chris is a graphic designer and part-time ranch hand who also enjoys playing the guitar and eating Mexican food.  His masks and other mixed media pieces have been part of various group shows at The Art Spirit Gallery.


Shelle Lindholm holds a BFA from Stephens College in Columbia, MO.  Her past work as a pattern maker and furniture painter has influenced her creative style.  Lindholm is active in the Montana arts community and teaches various workshops in the region. The Art Spirit Gallery has proudly shown her work since 2015.