ABATE 0001, Aspenglow
Tamera Abate
AKE 0001 Riverbed
Claire Akebrand
ANDR 0052 Dance With Me
Ruth Andre
the art spirit gallery gift card
Art Gift Card - The Art Spirit Gallery
Andrew Avakian
BAL 1945 Ritual Dance
Harold Balazs
bas 0001 petrichor
James Bason
bax 0001 big red
Iain Baxter
bie 0001 in the willows
Amanda Bielby
camden duck
Michael John Birge
BIV 0102 Ram King
Chris Bivins
bos 0006 charging tree
Bryson Bost
BOW 0018 Limber Up
Kelsey Bowen
BOY 0022 Owl & Salmon Vase
Frank Boyden
BRA 0260 Downtown Rhymes
Victoria Brace
BRAN 0038 Communion
Sandi Bransford
Baskets Burchard
Christian Burchard
CAB 0023 Handled Board 1
Stu Cabe
CAR 0044 E Ancient Sounds
George Carlson
chad 0001c
Dan Chadwick
KNA 0004 Starry Knights,2021
Knapp Charlie
unknown piece
Russell Chatham
CHR 0017 The Stormy Sea
Mary Christen
chrj 0004a peace
Jim Christiansen
CLAR 0185 Script
Morse Clary
BRD 449 justpassingthrough cole
Melissa Cole
corn 0001 once in a blue moon triptych1
Karen Cornell
res cowin
Jeff Corwin
COX 0017 Study for Vespers
Peter Cox
sdal 0001 el cid
Salvador Dali
Boxes of Instinct and Knowing CMYK
Michael de Forest
dev 0021 small square vase
Nick DeVries
DEWE 0039 Jar 2
Josh DeWeese
DODGE 0221 Deer Selfie
Allen Dodge
DON 0189 Professor of Clownology
Mary Frances Dondelinger
EVA 0118A The Ascent of Cherry Crow
Sheila Evans
FAR 0550 Guardians of Insanity Figure 2
Mary Farrell
fla 0022 italy village iwth burro
Patrick Flammia
FLUC 0016 Before the Throne
Doug Fluckiger
FRD 0005 Banner Vase 2 Tone (2)
Michael Frederick
FRO 0028 2021 Child's Moon
Stephanie Frostad
GAL 0263 Twelve O'Clock Shadows
Kathy Gale
GEN 0060 New Knife Sheath
Ric Gendron
wam 0007a together alone
Geoff Crimminsand & Stephanie Miller
GIS 0039 Girl with a Purple Shawl
Del Gish
GRAF 0007A Devoured 1
Kelsey Grafton
GREL 0005 War Horse III
Lance Green
GRE 0086 Field Burn II
Elaine Green
GRIM 0064 Working Class Hero
Robert Grimes
jhan 0001 bearer with crescent
James Lee Hansen
han 0011 old timer
Wes Hanson
HARK 0084 Bear
Keith Harrop
HAZ 0017 Motherhood
Aaron Hazel
horn 0001 my hearts desire
Sandra Horn
hors 0013 canoe
Patrick Horsley
HOR 0335 Undercurrents
Michael Horswill
hou 0001 a doe
Katy Houseman
huts 0006 pygmy whitefish
Lonnie Hutson
ivy 0004 back road to poison
Tabby Ivy
JAS 0007 Diamond Vase
Tom Jaszczak
jes 0006 big wood head waters
Kevin Jester
wam 0001a hunger
Jill Kyong & Jim Christiansen
wam 0001a hunger
Jill Kyong and Jim Christiansen
johc 0001 mid march
Carol Johansen
joha 0002 autumn storm
Aaron Johnson
kar 0001 still life with carpenter tool
Aleksandr Kargopoltsev
KEL 0051 Lobed Vase
Chris Kelsey
KNA 0004 Starry Knights,2021
Charlie Knapp
krum 0006 maple calabash bowl
Ed Krumpe
kul 0019 plastic silhouette trapped cloud
Gabriel Kulka
kyong table
Jill Kyong
Glimpse of Heaven 22x30in Oil
Louise Lamontagne
LEE 0001 Too Many House Calls
Michael R. Lee
leon 0001 children
Yaroslav Leonets
lewi 0002 going to work
Shelly Lewis
LIN 0066 Fox in the Wildflowers
Shelle Lindholm
LORD 0113 B16 08 Spencer up on his White Elephant (2)
Tim Lord
LOTH 0024 Alien
Ernest Lothar
LUSK 0002 cutthroattrout
David Miles Lusk
LYS 0019 Tattooed Dress with Baby Being Born
Marilyn Lysohir
MAC 0045 Blue water of the St. Joe River
Sally Machlis
MART 0003 Big Sky Country
Doug Martindale
MAT 0044A Urban Cliff Dweller 1 of 2
Susan Mattson
mccd 0001 life jacket
Danny McCaw
mccl 0001 called to the light
Linda McCray
MCC 1189 Listening to the Music
Mel McCuddin
MCJR 0002 Our Home
JR McCurdie
MEI 0032 Critters Jar
Dennis Meiners
merch 0012 follow me
Ronny Merchan Ramos
mile 0006 at the headgate
Sheila Miles
mol 0008 cascade
Ryan Molenkamp
morj 0001 belle
Jane Morgan
morr 0001 bear napping on log
Raymond Morgan
jmor 0005
Jon Morse
NUC 0057 Handmade Raku Egg #2
Laura Nuchols
ORO 0196 This Thing Called Hope (Deer)
Kay O'Rourke
ols 0001 mamma bear rocking chair
Dave Olson
Wilson Ong
OSTE 0001 Grand View Waterfall
LuAnn Osteregaard
PALM 0012 Sunset in the Selkirks
Randy Palmer
Bruce Park
lizpark alaskancoyote
Liz Park
PAR 0013 Urban Landmark Dumpster
Helen Parsons
PETE 0001, Black Wolf
Sandra Peterson
PET 0188 Ram Portrait
Claudia Pettis
PIC 0004 La Celestine
Pablo Picasso
breeze 5x7
Brian Pierson
rau 0017 coeur d alene lake in the fall
Lorelle Rau
Tamera Rebate
Pierre-Auguste Renoir
Chris Riccardo
RIE 0029 Drunken Whiskey Cup
Noah Riedel
A Simpler Childhood RIET
Helen Rietz
RIG 0030 Harvey
Tyree Riggs
riv 0031 les enchaines
Heather Riviere
Julie Robertson
robin 0004 claire
Pat Robinson
rot 0000 red lidded jar
Ben Roti
RUDM 0012 Salt glazed Growler 64oz 2
Mat Rude
RUD 0526 The Very Good Day
Brad Rude
ruf 0001 olive tree i
Carol Rufenach
SCHL 0016 House in a Field
Robert Schlegel
brook by jan schnurr
Jan Schnurr
liar noahschuerman
Noah Schuerman
SCHE 0008 Whippet
Erin Schulz
SCH 0018 Pitcher
Deborah Schwartzkopf
SCO 0056 BW Vase 12
Sam Scott
SCT 0001 Optical Conclusion
Don Scott
SEA 0037 Copper Patina Wave
Valerie Seaberg
la jolla ocean shawzer
Virginia Shawver
shef 0079 sushi set pine
Robert Shefner
SIL 0089 Oh You're So Cute!
Patrick Siler
SIM 0001 Resting in the Snow
Molly Sims
smid 001 soaring eagle
Dan Smith
let the sunshine in sobin
Rebecca Sobin
table lamp image
Ettore Sottsass
field trip
Hannah Spencer
granada relief
Katie Staib
STEJ 0019 Extraordinary World
Jodie Stejer
wam 0013 soul of a tree
Stephanie Miller and Jim Christiansen
ROYS 0004 Stoneware Bottle
Roy Strassberg
bars 0004 lost on land caged boat.jpeg
Barbara Strassberg
sur 0002 golden woods
Angelita Surmon
francis switzer
Francis Switzer
taylo 0001a tarnish
Sara Taylor
Louise Telford
ting 0026 shino basket
James Tingey
TRO 0132 Wild
Shannon Troxler
dualistic view by laura truit 16 by
Laura Truit
TYE 0026 Purple Handwoven Scarf, 2021
Sue Tye
Canola Field ( Diebenkorn series) oil on canvas. reclaimed oak frame
Ellen Vieth
vogt 0065 ...and it never stops.
Allie Kurtz Vogt
VON 0001 September Pear #1
Lori Vonderhorst
VOR 0018 Water Music 3
Mark Vore
wad 0001 heart
Theodore Waddell
WALK 0025 Family Vacation
Travis Walker
gwal 0001 aspects of dance
Gene Wallin
well 0006 faceted and wiggle wire
Sherry Wells
WHTT 0001 Green Aspen
Claudia Whitten
WILA 0001 Her Pegasus
Amanda Wilner
WIL 0125 Farm House Germany
Gordon Wilson
wils 0001 teapot
Tara Wilson
Marci Wing
WOOT 0001 Black and White Etched Jar
Dallas Wooten
YOU 0005 Ravens Bring the Light
Dale Young