Catherine Earle & Cary Weigand Exhibit


Join us Friday, July 10 from 5 – 8 for ArtWalk and the Opening Reception for Cary Weigand, figurative clay sculptor, and Catherine Earle, translucent acrylic painter.  Meet the artists and be the first to view their stunning new work.  The Art Spirit Gallery thanks Nspire Magazine for its sponsorship of the show and for its continuing support of the arts in our community.  The current show runs through August 8.

Cary Weigand will give an informal sculpting demonstration starting at 1:00 p.m. Saturday, July 11 at The Art Spirit Gallery. 

Catherine Earle will return to the gallery on Saturday, July 25 for a painting demonstration starting at 1:00 p.m.

Summer hours:  Open every day from 11 – 6.



Two artists.  Two mediums.  One shared passion.

Sculptor Cary Weigand of Bandon, Oregon and acrylic painter Catherine Earle of Sandpoint, Idaho share more than a friendship.  The two artists possess a connectedness to the earth and those that inhabit it as reflected in their work.  Therefore, it is no surprise that Steve Gibbs, owner and curator of The Art Spirit Gallery, paired these fine artists for the upcoming July show. “The work of these amazing women creates a fine harmony with Earle's paintings enhancing the walls and Weigand's sculptures perched on the pedestals.” Weigand, well known for her intriguing mythical porcelain sculptures and Earle, who specializes in compositions of flora and fauna, have been represented by the gallery full time since 2011 and 2012 respectively.

Cary Weigand was born and raised in Hawaii, where she earned her BFA and MFA from the University of Hawaii.  Her work has been published in Ceramics Technical, and she was awarded one of Ceramics Monthly’s Emerging Artists for 2011.

Since she first began showing at The Art Spirit Gallery, Weigand quickly gained a solid following.  Her sculptures, rich with symbolic detail, depict spiritual traditions and mythologies from all over the world.  Weigand uses human and animal forms – some realistic, some contrived and beastlike – to represent a journey of everyday creatures seeking attainment in a “love bigger than the universe.” According to Gibbs, “Cary’s sculptures are undeniably powerful; they reflect her personal philosophy that animals and humans share responsibility for safekeeping the earth.”

Weigand’s process is completely intuitive.  “When I am working, I let go of all results.  In this way, I open the door to deeper intentions that are not personal, but from a greater and deeper ocean of mind,” states the artist.  “The process teaches me to look deeper than just the surface of the work.”

Catherine Earle, originally from southern France, studied art history, sculpture, drawing, and art theory at Ecole’des Beaux-Arts before moving to northern Idaho in the 1990s. Earle’s work has taken off in popularity; within the past few months Earle has been featured in both Sandpoint Magazine and Western Art and Architecture.

The artist’s strong passion for nature is transferred to the canvas.  “I am attracted to birds, flowers, animals, and fish, as they are the carriers of the continuity of life.  My paintings talk about the cycle of life – the seasons, the changing colors, the life around birthing, living, and dying . . . all full of beauty.”  Subjects of Earle’s paintings speak to her values.  The swan, for example, represents strength and grace.  Koi, showcased in various paintings in the current show, are a symbol of abundance. Each subject is adorned with colorful shapes and intentional splatters that add depth and intrigue.

Like Weigand, Earle describes her process as completely intuitive.  “I am inspired by my memories, memories of light through leaves, fluttering butterflies, reflection of colors and images. I do not sketch but rely mostly on the perception of a moment that will later unfold with my own imagination.” Earle works quickly, layering color and water to create a subtle sense of light and transparency.  Forms and shapes emerge.  “My imagination will pick up, and the painting and I will start a visual dialogue.”

The Art Spirit Gallery is proud to show this new body of work by these two outstanding regional artists.