Spring Pop-Up Exhibition


In the Spokane art scene, there’s a new kid in town.  The Art Spirit Gallery, a fine art gallery settled to the east in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, is spreading its wings to create AS2, a pop-up gallery under the direction of Andrew Whitver.  Whitver, a newcomer to Spokane, is no stranger to the progressive art scene.  In 2013, he and partner Kevin Brannaman launched Calypte Gallery, a pop-up gallery on Capitol Hill in Seattle that featured work by established and upcoming Seattle artists.  Once Whitver and Blair Williams, owner of The Art Spirit Gallery, met through Terrain in Spokane, the vision for AS2 became clear.

“Over the past four years, The Art Spirit Gallery has been courted to open a sister gallery in Spokane.  Andrew brings passion, expertise, and a keen knowledge of Seattle art trends.  His interest in elevating the art scene in Spokane and our desire to open a new gallery over the border are a perfect pairing.”

April 5th marks the kick-off for AS2, ideally housed in Spokane’s iconic Wonder Building.  For the inaugural exhibition “Spring Forward,” Whitver and fellow curator Kim Deater will showcase work from well-known local artists and personal Seattle favorites.