The Art Spirit Gallery 20th Anniversary Exhibition

George Carlson
Perching Eagle
Beth Cavener
Mel McCuddin
Crow in the Morning
Harold Balazs
D:L Arrangemant
Steve Adams
Optic Bowl
Ruth Allan
Firebird 21
Jenny Andersen
Quileute River Spirit
Ruth Andre
Ruth Andre
Red II
Ruth Andre
Red I
Chuck Aydlett
Treasure Within
Chris Bivins
Frank Boyden
Democracy Vase
Victoria Brace
Evening Commute
Linda Cancel
Industrial Loft
Virginia Carter
Euphrosyne, Third Grace
Ann Christensen
Ragged Bowl
Mary Chuduk
Morse Clary
Twig Tale
Morse Clary
Chip Clawson
This Way
Larry Clark
Double Still Life
Melissa Cole
Tall Tails
Tom Coleman
Porcelain Crystal Matt Fossile Jar
Peter Cox
Male Back
Robin Dare
Shrine to a Nice Hairstyle
Linda DeBruyn-Nelson
Tina DeWeese
Heads Up
Tina DeWeese
Tangled Heart
Allen Dodge
Mary Frances Dondelinger
Over the Moon
Catherine Earle
The Other Half
Jen Erickson
Excerpts from The Art Spirit
Sheila Evans
The Heralds
Mary Farrell
Gina Freuen
Garden Landscape Diptych
Gina Freuen
Sweet Pea Vine with Garden Sparrow, Diptych
Eva Funderburgh
Marie Celeste
Kathy Gale
Golden Moment Near Wolf Lodge
Viky Garden
Untitled 2, March 2017
Steve Gibbs
Original Drawing-2
Terry Gieber
Erosion Series Jar
Rhea Giffin
Gray Matter
Reinaldo Gil Zambrano
The Enlightened
Catherine Gill
The Ridge
Lila Girvin
Where is the Beginning
Elaine Green
Field Burn I
Elaine Green
Oregon Forest Alder
Gerit Grimm
Man with Top Hat
Robert Grimes
Inside Out
Robert Grimes
Evening Stroll
Glenn Grishkoff
Reindeer Brush Bouquet
Greg Jahn and Nancy Halter
Female Torso with Day Lillies
Nancy Halter
Robert Harrison
Dog House Cup
Jan Arthur Harrell
Banquet for the Muse- Lime Plate
Jan Arthur Harrell
Banquet for the Muse- Fig Plate
Jan Arthur Harrell
Banquet for the Muse- Kiwi Plate
Rob Harper
Ric Haynes
Yuji Hiratsuka
Michael Horswill
Spring to Flight
Georgie Hylton
Dancing Tree Nymphs - Rain Ritual
Terry Inokuma
Heron Luminary II
Peter Jagoda
Tsuba Table
Polly Jones
Bouganvillea and Clivia
Charles Jonas
Untitled, 3 Sided Form
Ben Joyce
Northern Panhandle
Ildiko Kalapacs
Mary Knapp
Fish, Foliage, and Feathers
Ilse Kilian-Tan
Water World
John Killmaster
Arches in April Rains
Chris Kelsey
Groove Chart
Simon Kogan
The Bird
Robert Kraut
Storm Clearing
Robert Krogle
Horse and Rider
Michael R. Lee
Shades of St. Andrews
Cheryll Leo-Gwin
Girls from the Cribs
Simon Levin
Large Platter 1
Susan Mattson
Sleeping Rabbit 1
Shelle Lindholm
The Burrowers
Marilyn Lysohir
Tattooed Red Dress with Bug
Sally Graves Machlis & Delphine Keim
Good Girl
Loren Lukens
Copper Slope Pitcher
Eileen Kennedy Maxey
Apartment #5
Teresa McHugh
Dennis Meiners
Modern Critters Vase
Stan Miller
Ryan Mitchell
Everywhere Buddha: Tokyo
Karen Mobley
Blue Water
Daniel Murphy
Evolution of a Derailleur Hanger
Ted Neal
Kiln Sugar Pot
Mika Negishi Laidlaw
Give/Take Candy Bowl
Eric Nelsen
The Archeologist
Mardis Nenno
Richard Notkin
David (After Michelangelo)
Richard Notkin
The Left Hand of Christ
Richard Notkin
Medici Madonna (After Michelangelo)
Carla O'Connor
Dog Park
Laura Nuchols
Close Encounter 1
Laura Nuchols
Close Encounter 2
Laura Nuchols
Sarah Beaty
Kyle Paliotto
Buddy Paul
Good Dog
Sarah Perkins
Blue Stiched Brooch
Sarah Perkins
Spiral Brooch
Sarah Perkins
Blue Constellation Brooch
Sarah Perkins
Framed Haze Bowl
Bob Phinney
Down Stream
Clancie Pleasants
Murder, Maybe Not
Rick Pope
Cylindrical Vase
Ann Porter
I'll Fly Away
Tom Quinn
A Porpoise and a Porgy and the Other was Me
Alison Reintjes
Column Vase 12
Alison Reintjes
Column Vase 5
Alison Reintjes
Column Vase 2
Tyree Riggs
The Lady of Gollerus
Chris Riccardo
Our Lady of G & Me
Stephen Robison
Tall Box
Susan Rooke
White Owl
Christina Rothe
Mother and Child I - Conceiving
Aubrey Purdy Rude
1959 Elkie
Mat Rude
I Come In Peace
Selene Santucci
Frank Sanford
Golden Hills
Steve Sauer
Deborah Schwartzkopf
Deborah Schwartzkopf
Sam Scott
Black & White Vase with Handbuilt Neck 2
Valerie Seaberg
Turtle Spirit
Patty Sgrecci
Adam Shanley
Great Blue Heron
Nathan Sowa
Broken Top
Don Sprague
A.L. Swanson
Museum Bench
John Taylor
Shannon Troxler
Moon Kissed Lovers
James Tingey
Gerard Tsutakawa
Jean Tudor
Now the Green Blade Riseth 1
Ken Turner
Full Figure Stretchin' Out
Ken Turner
A Simple Twist of Fate
Mark Vore
Cedar Strip Kayak 6
Bart Walker
Local Hangout
Ted Vogel
Bird with Red Hand
Ted Vogel
Swimming Upstream
Ted Vogel
Altered Space
Ted Vogel
Head Roost
Natalie Warrens
June Wayne
Visa Monday
Jeff Weir
Frank Werner
Sleeper Decoy
Lisa Whitsitt
Gordon Wilson
Market Place, Orvieto Italy