Lindsey Meyers Carroll


Magic realism, “the work of painters who, by means of an exact realistic technique, try to make plausible and convincing their improbable, dreamlike or fantastic visions.” –Alfred H. Barr, Jr. 

Lindsey Meyers Carroll is a contemporary artist working in magic realism through large-scale charcoal drawings.  She received her BA in Fine Arts and Spanish Literature from the University of Montana in Missoula in 2008.  Exhibitions include the Brink Gallery in Missoula, Montana and Turman Larison Contemporary in Helena, Montana.

“Growing up in Montana, I developed a deep and abiding appreciation for the western art tradition that seeks to tell the story of the commonplace and the people that occupy it, which historically has included art of landscape, cowboys and their livestock, and the portrait. Built on observable details from daily life, these genres begin to tell the story of sights common to western eyes. As a contemporary of this culture, my work employs elements of these genres, including realism, portraiture, and animal life, to which I often infuse a sense of the imaginary. With this touch of surrealism, an otherwise plausible scene becomes a vehicle for fantasy, daydream or memory. This allows me to explore not only what is seen but how it is experienced.”

Inner Lives of Farm Animals is a body of charcoal drawings that seeks to imagine and give life to the the hypothetical daydreams of animals prevalent in rural life. Although these drawings are intended to be humorous and should be enjoyed as such, they also serve as metaphors for the daily incidental activity of the daydream. Each image explores such fantasies as insight into hopes, dreams, regrets, frustrations, etc. operating behind the scenes of everyday life.

This method of inquiry is integral to Lindsey’s studio practice. “The meditation that occurs in the repetitive and focused practice of drawing allows me to consider or contend with life’s undercurrents which range from the disquietingly quarrelsome to the curiously inspiring. With any luck, the completion of a drawing will result in a deeper understanding, a renewed perspective or even a final resolution of the matter.”

“What is truer that truth? Answer: the story.” –Isabel Allende