A.L. Swanson


A.L. Swanson was born in Portland, Maine and grew up in a small farming community. After
studying business at the University of Maine and agronomy at Rutgers University, he decided
to fi ne tune his hidden talent and love for woodworking. He apprenticed under several elite
cabinetmakers in Maine until the lure of wide open spaces brought him to Montana.

It didn’t take long for the Montana community to welcome his fresh creative style—”Neo-
Shaker” as A.L. calls it. In addition to fi ne-crafted furniture, Swanson creates fl y boxes crafted
from sustainable harvested lumber indigenous to the USA. Featured on the cover of Orvis’
fl agship holiday catalog in fall of 2014, Swanson’s fl y boxes almost sold out by Thanksgiving.
“I’ve worked with wood in one fashion or another for most of my life. Being that conduit from
tree to fi nished piece has been nothing short of a dream for me to live daily. The works in this
exhibit, explore the diversity I’m able to explore and showcase details of a craft whose true
roots have all but been lost in manufactured pieces. I love what I do.”